About Us

As Aykom Composite, we have gained 20 years of experience in our activities that we started in 2003. Since 2003, we have been producing BMC and SMC raw materials that create alternatives for the sectors where bakelite, metal and similar raw materials are used, with the advantages such as their price and durability. Our company has offered new products to the electricity, lighting, natural gas, automotive and construction sectors by foreseeing technological negotiations with the advanced R&D department, and still offers these composite materials to the market as both raw materials and pressed semi-finished products. Aykom still continues to work in ISO 9001 quality standards with SMC and BMC machines, hydraulic eccentric presses of 150-1000 tons, injection and mold workshop.


BMC (Dough Molding Compound) is a fiber-reinforced compound in a thermoset resin matrix, containing mineral fillers and different additives. Thermoset unsaturated polyester is often used as the organic matrix. Other ingredients are added to improve its properties and improve its conversion: catalysts, inhibitors, thermoplastic additives, mold removers, thickeners and pigments.

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SMC is a polymeric composite material mainly composed of thermoset resin, mineral fillers and glass fiber reinforcement. The resin used is usually unsaturated polyester. Additional components such as thermoplastic components, catalysts, inhibitors, mold release agents, thickeners and color pigments are used to improve the performance of the final product and the molding process.

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