BMC (Sheet Molding Compound) is used in hot press compression molding for the production of large parts with high mechanical properties and excellent surface quality.

BMC is a polymeric composite material mainly composed of thermoset resin, mineral fillers and glass fiber reinforcement. The resin used is usually unsaturated polyester. Additional components such as thermoplastic components, catalysts, inhibitors, mold release agents, thickeners and color pigments are used to improve the performance of the final product and the molding process.

The molding process is in a hot mold at temperatures between 140 – 155ºC and under pressure. It is carried out in hydraulic presses specially designed for this process.

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BMC can be molded in both injection and compression processes for large-scale production of medium to small complex parts. Although molding activities are performed by our customers, Aykom assists during molding trials and offers complete technical assistance whenever needed.

Density ISO 1183 g/cm³ 1,85
Shrinkage ISO 2577 % 0,05
Heat Distortion Temp EN ISO 75-2 °C >200
Continuous Service Temp Aykom °C 155
Young’s Modulus EN ISO 527-4 GPa 13
Tensile Strength EN ISO 527-4 MPa 35
Flexural Strength EN ISO 14125 MPa 110
Flex Modulus EN ISO 14125 GPa 10
Impact Strength EN ISO 179 kJ/m² 30
Clow Wire Index IEC 60707-3 °C 750
Fire Retardancy UL 94 HB@3 mm
Surface Resistivity IEC 60093 Ohm 10¹²
Comparative Tracking Index IEC 60112 Level CTI600
Water Absorption ISO 62 % < 0,5
Areas of Usage
Automotive & Transport
Home Appliances
Defense Industry
Construction & Decoration